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Effi+Pro Instruments help you get the most out of your position.

  • Maximize your compression
  • Get superior distraction and exposure
  • Use a micro-adjustable approach
  • Improve surgical efficiency
  • Improve your stability
  • Get precise fracture reduction
  • Augment hardware stability
  • Get support that is low profile, light weight, and infinitely adjustable
  • Improve your surgical outcome

Most surgeons agree that improved distraction and compression improves consolidation of fractures, nonunions, and arthrodesis. Generally, most surgeons find improved distraction and compression favorably affects osteogenesis. Compression promotes union through immobilization and intimate contact of bony surfaces.

The Effi+Pro compression and distraction kit may be indicated in:

  • Arthrodesis
  • Fracture reduction
  • Positioning
  • Debridement
  • Interpositional arthroplasty
  • Grafting
  • Soft tissue access
  • Implanting hardware
  • Augmenting hardware compression
  • General exposure
  • Augmenting external fixation application

Surgeons agree that better distraction and compression equals better stability. Use Effi+Pro to get superior control and position.

  • I used the Effi-pro compression/distraction unit on a Lapidus arthrodesis, and found the unit to be non-cumbersome, yet very effective and intuitive [to use]. The distraction was impressive in that the unit was easily applied and did not require percutaneous pinning when used with a dorsal-medial incision. The joint exposure was very good, and no repositioning was required. The compression the device affords is also very good[…]

    Dr. Rick Tiller - Kalamazoo, MI
  • I had the opportunity to use the Effi+Pro for a mid-foot fusion last week. Great little device. It offers terrific distraction with none of the obstruction we're used to from other methods. It was also very adjustable to "fine tune" [the] position. [The] compression was also very strong and nicely metered with the gear and ratchet mechanism." I have nothing but praise for the Effi+Pro. In each case it allowed better exposure, easier alignment and a decrease in operating time.

    Dr. Jeffrey Martone - Hartford CT
  • Effi+Pro gives you excellent distraction and exposure. It is easy to use; it eliminates the need for a first assistant.”

    Dr. Raghu Elluru - Portage MI

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