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  • Effi+Pro gives you excellent distraction and exposure. It is easy to use; it eliminates the need for a first assistant.”

    Dr. Raghu Elluru - Portage MI
  • I had the opportunity to use the Effi+Pro for a mid-foot fusion last week. Great little device. It offers terrific distraction with none of the obstruction we're used to from other methods. It was also very adjustable to "fine tune" [the] position. [The] compression was also very strong and nicely metered with the gear and ratchet mechanism." I have nothing but praise for the Effi+Pro. In each case it allowed better exposure, easier alignment and a decrease in operating time.

    Dr. Jeffrey Martone - Hartford CT
  • I used the Effi-pro compression/distraction unit on a Lapidus arthrodesis, and found the unit to be non-cumbersome, yet very effective and intuitive [to use]. The distraction was impressive in that the unit was easily applied and did not require percutaneous pinning when used with a dorsal-medial incision. The joint exposure was very good, and no repositioning was required. The compression the device affords is also very good[…]

    Dr. Rick Tiller - Kalamazoo, MI