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Kalamazoo medical manufacturer sets up shop in Grand Rapids with eight jobs

By: Deborah Johnson Wood

The tag line of Kalamazoo-based Keystone Solutions Group is from dream to distribution, and for the past 11 years they’ve held true to that promise, driving their customer’s medical devices, aerospace products and automotive components from conception to commercialization. But the manufacturing was always handed over to an outside company.

Not anymore.

On August 11, Keystone Manufacturing, a subsidiary of Keystone Solutions Group, opened a brand new Grand Rapids facility-a 9,000-square-foot manufacturing and warehouse space, clean room facilities and offices-at 3710 Sysco Ct. SE. The plant specializes in a growing West Michigan industry-the manufacture, assembly, packaging and distribution of medical devices and accessory products for surgical procedures.

“We’ve had a variety of opportunities to take a product from a sketch and manage it all the way through to production, but then we’ve handed it off to someone else to manufacture,” says Mike Zamora, 38, a partner in the business with James Medsker, 40. “We’re not going to do that anymore. That’s the repeat business we want, and who better to manufacture the product than the people who designed it?”

The Grand Rapids location created eight new jobs in manufacturing, management, quality and regulatory affairs and operations management. Four workers transferred from the Kalamazoo location, the other four are local hires.

“We expect to add jobs over the course of the next three to four months,” Zamora notes.

“We’ve always wanted to have more of a presence in Grand Rapids and right now is a good time to be here because we’re part of the West  Michigan Medical Device Consortium. That gives us a great supply base of companies to work with, companies that are used to dealing with medical devices and supplying medical device companies.”

Source: Mike Zamora, Keystone Manufacturing

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Deborah Johnson Wood is development news editor for Rapid Growth Media. She can be contacted at deborah@rapidgrowthmedia.com

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